Banner Ad Program
Calendar Page: $500 per month
Directory Page: $250 per month

Contact Staci Donovan at 321-724-5400 x249 or to secure your ad or for more information.

​Banner Ad Specifications
• Size - Only banners measuring 400 pixels wide x 123pixels high can be accepted.
• Format - ads can only be submitted in: JPEGs and GIFs (including animation) – PNG & flash formats are not supported.
• Ad space is only available to Chamber of Commerce member businesses in good standing.  If a current member decides to terminate their membership, their ad will be discontinued regardless of how long it’s been since it was uploaded. Non-member ads will not be placed.  All ads are subject to approval by Chamber staff.
• Top Priority Placement is given to organizations with banner ads on the Search Results page.
• An organization can have the same ad or a variety of ads on multiple pages.