Political Positions

Legislative Agenda White Paper

Each year the Melbourne Regional Chamber assesses its political and governmental priorities. The heavy-lifting, research, and debate is performed at the Government Affairs (GA) Committee's regularly scheduled meetings in the last part of the year, for the upcoming calendar year. Usually, by November or December of the preceding year, the GA Committee is ready to present to the Board of Directors, having approved a document by majority votes out of Committee. In some ways, the Board of the Directors start the process all-over again as the debate begin anew. By this time, however, many of the political wonks most knowledgeable on the subject matter have taken sides, usually "in favor" of the compromised Committee-recommended document. So, the Board debate sometimes is minimal.
​The Legislative Agenda is a white paper explaining the Chamber's positions in a narrative format. It covers the governmental hierarchies by presenting issues in three main categories:
  • Local Issues
  • State Issues
  • Federal Issues